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Your Home Away From Home

Elderly gentleman


“I like being here because this feels like home after the lost of my mother.”

Elderly gentleman


“I love being here because I was homeless for five years or more. I came to Ms. Gail’s facility and was treated with love care.”

Live-in Residential Care Facilities in Richmond, Virginia

man eating a prepared meal

Prepared Meals

We serve 3 hot, well-balanced meals a day for each resident, along with snacks on an as-needed basis. Dietary restrictions accomodated.

woman talking to another woman

Daily Care

We offer daily, non-medical check-ins to make sure our residents’ care and interest needs are met.

Woman in a wheelchair being helping into a van


Whether a resident needs to go to a doctor’s appointment or church, we provide transportation to and from our facilities.

man eating a prepared meal

Outings that we provide for the patients 

woman talking to another woman

Picnic area for patients 

Woman in a wheelchair being helping into a van

More accomodations for the patients 

Serving the Greater Richmond & North Chesterfield Area

Our facilities are located within a 20 minutes of McGuire VA Medical Center, Chippenham Hospital & Johnston-Willis Hospital

Map of Hospitals in the Greater Richmond Area

Who We Serve

Veteran saluting the flag


Veterans are the heart and soul of this country. We work closely with the local VA to make sure they are cared for appropriately.

Happy, smiling elderly woman


Not being able to care for your loved one is difficult. Allow us to make your family member part of our F & O family.

Man on crutches

Transitional Stay

Recovering from surgery or treatment with supervision is critical to getting back to normal. Our team can get your there!

A Hand You Can Rely On.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand. We are those hands. Let us know how we can help you.


These are our special supporters. They come on holidays to donate money for food and gifts for our veterans. They also come with clothes for the winter and they help us with special outings for the veterans so that they can get and have fun.

man eating a prepared meal
J. Kirkpatrick, US ARMY
Senior Vice Commander
Retired, VFW Post 2239
woman talking to another woman
Comrade M. Kirkpatrick
US NAVY Retired, VFW Post 2239
Woman in a wheelchair being helping into a van
man eating a prepared meal
man eating a prepared meal

Both Comrades are members of VFW Post 2239 located at 14705 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Chester, Va. 23836


About F & O Care Inc

In 2017, F&O Care Inc began with the one of the owner’s retirement from the McGuire VA Hospital Center. It was here where she saw the need for care of residents with special needs, outside of the typical medical care realm, and thus our mission began.

Our goal of provided a residential living facility where clients are treated and cared for like family. Through the VA and other local support agencies, we have grown and continue to grow in the greater Richmond area.

We build solid, lifetime relationships with our residents through our lovingly prepared meals, assistance with medical appointments, and personal care.

Why We’re Different

Go Above & Beyond

We met our residents’ needs. If we can’t meet it immediately, we will schedule time to meet it.

Close to Hospitals

Being within a 20-minute drive from major hospitals makes transitioning and appointments easy.

Proven Track Record

Our residents become part of our family and our constant referrals let us know we are doing something right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer private rooms?

We offer both private and semi-private rooms. Semi-private rooms are typically occupied by those who cannot be left alone.

Is there a minimum or maximum length of stay?

We do not have a minimum or maximum length of stay, but do ask of at least 30 days notice when leaving the care of the facility.

For residents that are with us longer, we do evaluate your situation every 6 months.

Are residents allowed to leave the facility?

Yes. Residents who are capable are able to come and go as they please.

Can residents access the internet?

Yes! The internet is available to all residents, but residents must use their own computer/devices.

Do you accept insurance?

We are working on accepting various insurance plans. However at this time payments can be made via Social Security, Fiduciary, Payee, or Out-of-Pocket bank check or certified money order.

How Can we help?

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